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Oct 9, 2012 12:00am PDT
entry hall. family blue subaru out back missing from the garage. photo of the car with idaho license plates is now posted on the family web site and facebook page. fbi now assisting hercules police in finding the killer. >> we are lacking for things ke possiblsmall drops o blood thatay have be from a weapon or jusanything that might help us have any kind of lead in this case. >>reporter: but tonight was a time to remember a former school teacher and friend. >> don't forget the lesson she is trying to teach us. she always want us to improve to be better p.i don't know why but that's in her to do that. susie we love you. say it again.susie, we love you. >>reporter: about we are back live where candles continue to burn here. we are learning that police will let susie's husband back that the home as early as wednesday to see if anything is missing or stolen. also say the idaho plates on the stolen subaru may have been removed by now but they still hope anybody out there can help with information. live in hercules tonight, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. >> well tonight woman original
Oct 8, 2012 11:30am PDT
killer through social media. they are asking u to kee an eye en forer light blue 2011 subaru outback. >>> cities are experiencing long delays this morning a computer connection problem is preventing alaska from checking in passengers other airports in portland, spokane and los angeles in seattle where alaska is the dominant carrier passengers are being checked in manually. we checked the bay aa's airports an hour ago, none are reporting problems. >>> right now, san jose-based grocery chain facing boycott over eloyment policies. coalition of community gros holdg news conrence discusa bcott agast puebloarks thegroupay they are angry they are using a program created by the department of homeland security to verify whether new hires are in the country legally. store officials say they joined the program after it was suggested during an immigration audit. dhs says the program is voluntary. >>> ucsf celebrate ago accomplishment of -- celebrating an accomplishment of a doctor affiliated he shares the nobel prize in medicine with britain's john gurdon. >> reporter: what makes this award espe
Oct 8, 2012 9:00pm PDT
for the murder and still searching for her 2011 subaru with idaho license plates. the car shown here on web site set up by the family. >> we are a quiet bedroom community. just random act of violence. >>reporter: 55-year-old woman was found friday night just inside her front door. autopsy revealed she died from multiple stab wounds and blunt force trump to the head. with only 2 crime scene investigators hercules police asked the fbi for help. this morning a dozen agents spend the day going through the house collecting potential evidence. >> at some point we will more th likely take theusband or one of the members of the family through to see if there's anything miss that go we don't know about. at this point the only thing we know missing is the car. >>reporter: mean time those who knew the woman are trying to come to grips with her loss. >> something i never thought would i see happen to this person. >>reporter: 18-year-old jordan hernandez was stun of hers at this elementary school. >> who would have the intention to do this to a generous person? kind of mind boggling. >>reporter:
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3